About Us

Xenvoice Communications is a leading cloud based business communication solutions provider offering highly secure, flexible, and affordable services. Having been aware of the nuances of the communications industry for several years, Xenvoice has been able to succeed in providing impetus to start-ups, growing businesses and SMEs across the United States with robust business phone services at ultra-low costs.

With hosted IP telephony as its backbone, Xenvoice aims to serve businesses with premium quality standards of communications maintained intact. Hosted communication services bolstered by Xenvoice eliminate the need for costly infrastructure and complex setup.

Xenvoice’s fully-featured cloud-based communication platform empowers business communications. Addressing the robust voice communication needs of various businesses with unique functioning prospects in contrast, Xenvoice provides multiple and advanced features such as Call Conferencing, IVR, Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Call Recording and Call Screening to name a few. Our customers automatically get enrolled to all the features of our business phone service without the need to pay extra for any.

Xenvoice has introduced a new pricing model that never or rarely existed in the business phone industry. The pricing of Xenvoice is based upon “Pay-per-Use” plan allowing customers to avail Xen Credits and pay only for the minutes used. The billing for the cumulative of all the minutes used among all the extensions or line numbers rarely exists in the business phone industry. With this method of pricing, companies can save huge from the “Pay-per-User” pricing in which companies are bound to pay minimum billed amount. The credit based pricing at ultra-low prices makes Xenvoice a huge differentiator. The concept of unlimited free extensions with credit based pricing introduced by Xenvoice has taken the communications industry by storm and resulting in more benefits for businesses on a strategic basis.

Our Team
We, at Xenvoice, are a team of talented individuals reflecting all verticals of the cloud communication hierarchy. Our people are our greatest asset setting us apart from the rest in the industry. They are passionate about results and innovative about new technologies besides believe in having a lot of fun and excitement all along the way.


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